Hey, I’m Michelle. I am a licensed Nurse, certified Life Coach, and lifelong geek. I’ve lost 100 lbs of fat, and about 1000 lbs of emotional baggage, all because I learned to let myself exist. I stopped resisting myself. I began taking up space in the world, finally, because I deserved to. Now I coach women who have the same disconnection in their lives. Women who have found themselves in a bitter war with their own sense of self. Those who are weary and silently terrified there is no end in sight. The veterans of a lifelong struggle with hating themselves.

I am a veteran of this war. I was an overweight geek, carrying a ton of mental misery to boot. I watched myself sink, drowning, waiting for someone to throw me a life jacket. 

But, I am not here to tell you what you should do. All of those “shoulds” are part of the problem. If it was that simple you would’ve already beaten the game. I am here to help you see that you’ve been playing by the wrong rules. 

I am here for those of us who spent a lifetime being told, either subtly or outright, that we were too much, too big, too little, to loud, too smart, too stupid, too weird, or too awkward. We grew up trying to shrink and reshape ourselves because we were different, and although we failed at fitting in, we succeeded in minimizing our souls, and lost sight of who we are.

I am here for the women who feel guilty, because they are trapped in thinking they should be happy, and if they aren’t, it’s because they aren’t trying hard enough. Cornered. Stagnant.

For those of us who spent years being told what should make us happy, what we should want, what we should be, but never achieving it. Ashamed and losing hope.

For the women who are crippled by the non-stop voice running through their minds, questioning everything, consuming them with an anxiety so fierce they are frozen.

I am here for these women, because I was this woman, and it didn’t matter what changes I tried to make in my life, I always failed. I felt myself being chipped away inside, piece by piece, slowly losing the fire, the drive, the dreams… and yet no matter how much of myself I sacrificed internally I could never become the right shape, the right person, or good enough. This is for her.

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