How to Be

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

The you that existed before your were socially conditioned to have certain ideas about yourself?

For most of us right now, the answer is no, and that’s the problem.

Family traditions, culture, and our patriarchal society deliberately teach us what to value. We aren’t born knowing what things are considered valuable or worthy. We have to be educated by our peers. How value is determined is completely arbitrary. We believe things are important or necessary, but really, it’s just what our brains are taught to think. 

We then spend our lives trying to become those things so we can feel valuable. We learn to mistrust our own ability to decide, and our natural voice becomes an obstacle to us. The enemy. We ignore it. We deny it. We learn to hate it.

We push it so far away that we lose it completely. We become hollow. 

We desire what the world tells us to desire, and wait for it to fill the hollow, but nothing outside of us can replace the void where our self used to be. We are left insecure. Empty. Searching.

Most of us are absent from our own lives. We can’t truly connect to those around us because we are not totally present. We can’t find our place and we think it’s because there’s something wrong with us. We feel drained. Never full.

When we don’t possess ourselves we don’t contribute to the world. We consume because we keep looking for what will finally fill that hollow. We cannot produce anything of value, because we cannot draw from within. We depend on other people to create our feelings, and this creates our misery.

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This eight week online course is designed to be completed at your own pace.

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Purchase of this course includes access to The Next Level membership forums, where you can take this work even deeper, and share the experience with others who are doing the same.

I am also there to offer guidance and coaching.

This course will provide the tools and guidance you need to reclaim yourself. It will show you how to know yourself again, or maybe, for the first time.

Your birthright includes the complete package you came with. You were designed to use all of the contents, but most of the parts are still in the box. Still inside their wrappers. You’ve tried replacing your missing pieces with parts from other people’s boxes. They don’t fit. They weren’t meant to.

Recognize yourself in the mirror. Love what you see. Find your confidence, your voice, and your sense of direction. This online course will walk you through how to take authority over your existence.

I will show you how to tell the difference between your voice and the voices of the rest of the world.

I will introduce you to yourself, and together we can build the foundation of you. I will show you how to let yourself happen.

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