How to Be

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

The you that existed before your were socially conditioned to have certain ideas about yourself?

For most of us right now, the answer is no, and that’s the problem.

We believe certain things are important or necessary, but really, it’s just what our brains are taught to think. 

We then spend our lives trying to become those things so we can feel better. We learn to mistrust our ability to decide was is best for us. Our inner voice becomes an obstacle- the enemy. We ignore it. We deny it. We learn to suppress it.

I want you to ask yourself a question right now: 

Do you know yourself or do you only know your fears?

We desire what the world tells us to desire and wait for it to fill us, but nothing can replace the void where our voice should be. We think we are choosing for ourselves when we are really choosing from fear.

Most of us are missing an important piece of the puzzle. We can feel it even if we can’t name it. 

We can’t truly connect to the things around us. We can’t find our place.

When we don’t possess ourselves we cannot draw from within. We depend on other people to create our world and this creates our misery.

This is for you. For us. For those who have never known how to belong to themselves.


This eight week online course will launch in the fall of 2021. Click below to get an email alert when the course is available!

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I am there to offer guidance and coaching.

This course will provide the tools and guidance you need to reclaim yourself and become your own anchor in the world. It will show you how to know yourself again, or maybe, meet yourself for the first time.

I will teach you how to develop the parts of yourself that you have tried to replace with pieces that never quite fit. 

This course will walk you through how to take authority over your existence and reveal the complete picture of who you are. All of the pieces are there, waiting within you, to be put to work as intended.

I will show you how to tell the difference between your voice and the voices of the rest of the world.

I will introduce you to yourself, and together we can build the foundation of you. I will show you how to let yourself happen. I will show you how to be.

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