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Welcome to the Millennial Life Crisis Blog! I’m Michelle: anthropologist, licensed nurse, and certified life coach. I’m also a fellow Millennial and your guide through the bewildering and often nebulous experience of navigating “Millennial Life.”

So what is the Millennial Life Crisis? I’m glad you asked. But, before I get into that, lets define who Millennials are.

Millennials are people born between 1981-1996. Depending on where you look those numbers may vary, but for this blog post I have decided to use these years. There are a million memes, jokes, and posts all over the internet about Millennials. The term “Millennial” has adopted a lot of different meanings. “No generation has been as publicly reviled, praised, misunderstood, and analyzed as the Millennials.”

It comes down to expectations vs reality. Our expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to reality. What beliefs do we have about our lives? About ourselves? What beliefs did our parents teach us?

What do Millennials believe?

We are more educated compared to our grandparents, and the majority of bachelor degrees earned by Millennials are held by women. Millennial women are also much more likely to be working. In the Silent Generation 42% of women worked compared to 71% of Millennial women. Additionally, Millennials are three times more likely to never have been married. We are connected and comfortable with social media, the internet, and smart tech. About 92% of us have smartphones. [Cited]

Yet more Millennial households are in poverty than households headed by any other generation. I cannot think of a better example of expectation vs reality than this.

We were raised by Baby Boomers; a generation that lived through the civil rights movement, Woodstock, free-love, the Vietnam war, counterculture, and women’s rights. America was moving forward and life was getting better. They saw progress. 

As their children, Millennials were primed from the beginning to push expectations higher and demand more from their lives, to explore what life could be, to question boundaries and move forward and continue to improve the world as their parents had.

Around 2010 (when most Millennials were in their early 20s) many research reports compiled data that reflected an “optimistic” and “hopeful” generation with an open mind-set toward their world views. [CitedCurrent research reflects a very clear shift from that optimism over the last 10 years, into hopelessness and skepticism. 

Basically, as a generation, we’re collectively the person who was told it’s a costume party, poured time and effort into planning our kick-ass costume, only to show up and discover no one else wearing a costume, feeling confused and betrayed. Many Millennials swim in a grey area between what they were told should happen and what actually happens. We get totally disconnected.

This is the Millennial Life Crisis.

It is the grey area of confusion, having lost the way through our own lives. 

It’s totally fixable with a little guidance and work. This blog is my offering to you, as a fellow Millennial.

Grab your avocado toast and hold onto your smartphone. 

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