Ashley M.

Michelle has given me the encouragement to find my own truth, strength and belief that I am capable of creating the life I want for myself. As well as the understanding of how to re-frame my thoughts to work towards my goals without getting clouded by my emotion.

Through my work with Michelle I have been able to acknowledge and find my way out of a long term depressive state, discovered the value in taking accountability for my future by taking steps to create the life I want to live. Accepting and gifting myself Michelle's guidance, has allowed me to rediscover what it feels like to feel like myself again. I have rebuilt my confidence and my belief in myself and my ability to be the hero I felt I needed to save me. Through her weight-loss coaching, I was able to lose and keep off 65 lbs which felt unattainable throughout most of my life. She explains things to me in a clear cut logical way, that allows for little space for my emotional reactions which I had become accustomed to allowing control my experience. In working with Michelle, I have discovered how capable I truly am and how much potential I have ahead of me now that I have the tools to break down the barriers I felt stopped me before.

I wasn't sure where to begin to make my life better, I just knew I felt as if I had exhausted all attempts at doing it on my own. I felt broken, miserable, overweight, like I lacked confidence or the ability to handle it on my own.

Through working with Michelle, I learned that all of those skills I felt I wasn't capable of are within me and its taken time to understand and appreciate my own value to begin to see that. Michelle has given me a safe space and the guidance to rebuilt myself, and decide at each step what is important to me to handle next. In or work together I have come out of a depressive state I wasn't fully aware I was in, I lost and have kept off 65 lbs and I have built an emotional support system within myself to allow me to succeed through-out life's ups and downs. I now feel better equipped and prepared for navigating myself through life as I have chosen the direction that feels best and I now know what thoughts I can rely on to help guide me there. I've proven to myself under Michelle's guidance how capable I am to create the life I want to life, and for the first time in my life I believe it.



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